“Thank you, Kenneth. Your prompt service has always been your hallmark and is appreciated by your fans and customers. You have been so very good at keeping my computers going that I have no problem recommending you to my friends.”

Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.
Barry M. Goldwater, Jr., U.S. Congressman – Official Site

“Hi Kenneth, I wanted to email you with a big thank you to you and your staff for taking such good care of my Mom (Becky Samford). I referred her over to you a few weeks ago. All went very well. She was ready to take the computer in to the geek squad at Best Buy after her computer was freezing and running slow. I told her NO WAY. She will never go there again after receiving service from Tech Paramedics.”

Kyle Beddome
Energy Efficiency Consultant
Standard Renewable Energy

“Kenneth is unbelievable in helping everyone he knows. He personally has helped me grow my business through his passion and support of my company. We also use Kenneth for all our IT needs and his staff is always courteous and prompt when addressing our problems. Data Preserve is a great product and I highly suggest anyone who uses their computer on a daily basis to install this user friendly program. Thanks Ken!”

Dave Castiglione
AllOver Media

“Kenneth goes out of his way to help the people he networks with increase their business. He surrounds himself with a competent and an honest network of people. I use his computer services for my The UPS Store and his people always do a great job. In particular everyone should be using his Data Preserve data back up services to protect their computers.”

Ken Davis
The UPS Store

“Ken runs an exceptional IT and computer networking firm called Tech Paramedics. We recently spent several tens of thousands of dollars on new hardware for our employees, and Ken’s firm turned up the new gear as near flawlessly as anyone could ever ask for. When there were issues, his firm was responsive and knowledgeable.”

Aric Zion
Zion and Zion Consulting Group

“We’ve been using Tech Paramedics for several years now, they are by FAR the best tech company in terms of service and know how I’ve dealt with and the only ones I’d recommend. I only wish I’d found them sooner!”

Business Coaching & Consulting

“Kenneth has always shown a great professional touch in his work, and outstanding passion for networking which has inspired me to grow my company. Thanks Ken.”

Morgan Tyner
Video Production

“I have to say that I am truly impressed with what you have done with so little. The website is PERFECT!! I have never done this before and have to say that you made it very easy for me. THANK-YOU is not nearly enough. I have to add that sometimes I feel like I am on the wildest ride with this company that you can ever believe. A company called Montabano Homes called me. They found me from the website and signed a 3-year deal to do their trash service on ALL their sites here in Phoenix. So I think the website is working just fine. GOD Bless, Anne!”

W. R. (Bill) Todd, CEO
Vision Waste & Recycling, LLC

“Kenneth is a super-connector, which I learned many years ago at our first meeting as he learnedly pulled a variety of people that I needed to know from his hand-held. In addition Kenneth is a small business IT expert, a strong salesperson and a smart business owner. He also cares deeply about protecting his customers – illustrated by his #1 status in the US of getting customers to safely backup their data with DataPreserve. So you can imagine that this combination of skills makes Kenneth incredibly valuable to those lucky enough to work with him. Highly recommended!”

Doug Bruhnke

“What impresses me the most about Tech Paramedics is that the staff are all “down-to-earth” people–very personable. In my profession, I have a responsibility to my clients to protect their confidentiality. I did not have to explain all that to Ken. In fact, he brought it up before I did that we need a great way to preserve the integrity of those HIPPA laws with secure backups. My website is fantastic, Anne! So polished and a credit to my profession! Thank you. You did a marvelous job!”

Dianne M. Pela, MAPC, LPC
Life Empowerment Therapy & LifeDance Therapy

“I just wanted to repeat my sincere thanks for all the help you’re giving me. I’d be lost without it! The website is beautiful. It will be a grand success. Thanks for bearing with me, since I don’t have a clue about how to go about this.”

Ron Sanders, MD (retired), Identity Security Services
Identity Theft is a Crime

“That is amazing! Where were you a couple of years ago when we started this mess? Thanks soooo much, Anne. The website looks fabulous! Thank you for your time and effort to make it work. We sure appreciate you and your abilities.”

Ed Hullinger & Jim Doane

“In case I didn’t say it yesterday, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for taking the time to get us up and running after Cox’s major mess up on the internet connection, and for making sure that finance was up and running before you left. You and the other men at Tech Paramedics have no idea just how much we appreciate all of you.”

Sue Smith, Support Services Manager

“Kenneth – I just thought I’d let you know that DataPreserve saved by bacon again. I inadvertently deleted an Outlook folder. With just a few clicks of my mouse, DataPreserve was restoring the file I “lost” from the backup that was automatically saved earlier this morning. I was back up and running with the last saved version of the file in less than 5 minutes. My thanks to you and DataPreserve. $20.00 bucks a month…what a bargain!”

Brad Klein
Paid In Full, Inc.

“Thanks to you all AGAIN for your prompt service and patience with me! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Brian, you are the best! Kenneth, thanks again for all you’ve done for me! All my referrals are going to Tech Paramedics!”

Faith O. Heck
Faith Heck Agency

“WOW, OUTSTANDING, UNBELIEVEABLE, WONDERFUL, GREAT….I love it! I am very excited about the new site. Anne, you REALLY can make magic.”

Bob Cross
Cross Video Productions

“I checked the site this morning. I love the art work! The new e-mail is in place. Thanks again for your beautiful work!”

Dr. Karen R. Jacobson
Jacobson Family Chiropractic
ICA/AZ Assembly Representative

“WOW – best description and testimonial I can give to Kenneth. His knowledge and expertise with computers is beyond amazing! You can stop shopping for quality in service when you call Kenneth. He and his staff set the standard for quality. And, he does it with humor while being a professional. Look no further for help with your computer. And, he also offers the BEST backup service on the planet.”

Sandy Rogers, Referral Marketing

“Tech Paramedics is our one source for all our computer needs. This company is founded on in-depth trained knowledge about computers and technology and iced with the fine touch of exceptional customer service. As a professional REALTOR I refer all my clients, friends/family, to Tech Paramedics for the utmost professional services!”

Dawn Martinski-REALTOR®

“I wanted to take another moment and thank you for your friendship and support. It has meant a great deal to us.”

Warren M. Levin, MD (H), PLLC
Integrative & Environmental Medicine

“You guys are the BEST!!! Steve just called and walked me through getting the networking to work properly!!! Thanks so much!! I do and would recommend you guys to anyone!!!”

Melodie@Cathy Phillips’ Office

“Thanks, Kenneth, for your help. Everything is great and Steve was great. Thanks again for everything.”

Dave Lindgren

“I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. I’m so glad I met you so soon upon arrival. Not just ’cause you’re a great networker. Not just ’cause you’re a Hot Number. Not just ’cause you’re “of like mind” with New Vision, Real Love, etc. etc. Mostly because of your genuine nature, your caring heart, you’re always “being there,” you’re understanding and getting who and what I am…………..and oh, yes, those Killer Hugs…..! Keep being you, my dear friend.”

Michelle Forner, Business Coach

“Thank you so much for sending Steve out. He is so nice and I do appreciate the timely appointment. He’s on the case (it was a power supply).”

Sandra Keely

“Thanks so much. You guys are soooooooooo great, I can’t tell you enough how much you are appreciated in not only what you do business wise but you all are a great team and easy (to get along with). You don’t make things so technical that us “little” people can’t under stand things…..word of mouth is truly GOLDEN!!!!!”

Sheri Goodman
Estes Avellone, CPAs, Ltd.
550 West Indian School Rd, #100
Phoenix, Arizona 85013

“Danny took care of us and we are set to go! You have a phenomenal service, my friend! I appreciate all you do!”

Ken Scheer, Vice President
Calsaway Pool Services Inc.
2235 W. 1st Street Suite 102
Tempe, AZ. 85281

“You’re a hero! Wow! Great work! Speaking of which, we need to get going on our backup system. Would you contact me and let me know what we need to do to have you keep our off-site back up?”

Christina Magazzu,Office Manager
Naturopathic Family Care
Issels Medical Center